I have been documenting (taking pictures along with audio/video recordings) for the last 15 years all over the New England club scene covering both local and national acts.  

My friends call me the "band historian".  I mostly focus on LIVE concert/club shows but have done promotional/studio work.  

I am a Charter Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and a one-time contributor to the All Music Guide.  

My work has appeared in Books, Newspapers, CDs and of course the Internet.


Marital Status - Single

Zodiac Sign - Virgo

Favorite Food - Steak and Cheese Subs

Favorite Sports Team - Dallas Cowboys (since the 70's!)

Favorite TV Shows - MAD TV and Family Guy

Favorite Movies - Christmas Vacation and Sixteen Candles

Favorite Band - KISS (since 1978! Thanks Mom!)

Favorite Local Bands - Bottoms Up, The Bars, Fear Of Flying and of course JADED!

First Album - BOSTON: Don't Look Back

Favorite Musician - Paul Daniel Frehley (AKA: Ace Frehley)

Favorite Pastime - Anything to do with a computer!

Favorite Drink - Frozen Mudslide

Favorite Desert - Anything chocolate

Favorite Color - Blue

Favorite Fruit - Passion Fruit

Favorite Computer Brand - Commodore Amiga: So The World May Know!

Favorite Restaurant - Pizzico (Nashua, NH)